Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September

This Weekend's Specials

(Available for take away only. Prices shown are take away prices)

Thod Mun Pla

Thai fish cakes, with curry paste, beans and lime leaves; deep fried and served with home made sweet chilli sauce and cucumber relish £6.00

Khao Soi

A Northern Thai style chicken curry with egg noodles (a mix of crispy deep-fried noodles and soft, boiled noodles), pickled cabbage, shallots, and lime £13.50

Pad Thai

Rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables, spring onions, tofu, Puk's home-made pad thai sauce and a choice of chicken (£10.95), or prawns (£11.95), or both (£12.95) or served as a vegetarian dish (£10.95).

Home made ice cream

Coconut and pandan ice cream. Light, refreshing and dairy free. In 12oz pots. £6