Friday 26th April

Today's Specials

(Available to eat in or take away. Prices shown are take away prices)

Khao Moo Daeng

Thai jasmine rice topped with slices of roast pork fillet and crispy pork belly, with boiled eggs and cucumber, and a sweet & sour tamarind sauce with peanuts and a hint of chilli. £11.50

Som Tam

Thai green papaya salad with dried shrimp, palm sugar, tomatoes, carrots, limes and chilli £5.50

Pad Thai

Rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables, spring onions, tofu, Puk's home-made pad thai sauce and a choice of chicken (£8.95), or prawns (£9.95), or both (£10.95) or served as a vegetarian dish (£8.95).

Extra Evening Specials

Gaeng Panaeng Nua

A rather delicious, distinctively aromatic curry with beef, vegetables and herbs, medium spicy, served with steamed jasmine rice £10:50

Tom Yum Soup

Hot and spicy soup with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms and a choice of chicken or prawns, or just vegetarian. £6.00